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Stala & SO

Founded in 1997, So. is known for melodic rock tunes and positive attitude and is fronted by their charismatic vocalist, Stala.

The band has had the freedom to follow their own direction in their music and live performances while entertaining audiences and gathering lots of fans along the way. Other musical projects sadly forced the band to be on hold for a while but now they are back... even more colourful than before!

The 70's and 80's glam rock bands, such as Sweet, T-Rex and Ziggy Stardust -era David Bowie, have had a strong influence to the bands image. So. is making music professionally and also having fun with it. The late finnish comedian, Spede Pasanen, said: "The main thing is to have FUN!". This
has been, and continues to be, the guideline for So. as well. No one is left cold by the show by So.!

 In the beginning of 2011 the band took part in the finnish Eurovision Song Contest under the name of Stala & So. They made their way to the national finals with nine other artists and performed on the live tv show in front of a nearly million viewers. There is also one ESC 2006 winner in the band's line up.

After the Eurovision hassle it was time for the finnish release of their self-written, -recorded and -produced debut album "It Is So." and the video from the song Bye Bye. In the spring and summer 2011 the band focused on promoting their debut album and touring.

During the summer 2011 the band also signed some important international deals. On October 24th the japanese record company, King Records, released the It Is So. -album in Japan and South-East Asia. The german-based music company, Music Buy Mail, released the album in Europe and South America on September 16th. Music Buy Mail also handles the album promotion in Europe.

The band was busy also in the studio during the summer 2011. They recorded five new songs and those songs were released as an ep, titled "Gimme Five". The release date in Finland was September 14th 2011. The rest of the Europe will get their share during March 2012. The european release of Gimme Five will also contain one new Stala & So. -original and four cover songs, all acoustic versions. This album will be released at the same time when the band is doing their first tour in Europe. 

After the European tour the band will go to the studio and start working on the next album. The release of that album will be at the end of 2012.  

This is Stala & So. for your listening and viewing pleasure. Join the ride!

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