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The original incarnation of Shameless was formed in April 1989 by bassist Alexx "Skunk" Michael. The band were relatively popular in their home town, selling out a 500 capacity club on their very first show. The vocalist left the band at the end of 1991 and they folded.

In summer 1998 Alexx Michael started to reform Shameless with the support of his friendB.C: and Kiss and Alice Cooper drummer Er...ic Singer. Singer used his contacts to help Michael reform "Shameless" for the debut album Backstreet Anthems. Ten tracks in total were featured on the album. It was recorded in Studio City, Los Angeles, California and was produced by former Guns N' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke.

After gaining a cult following and positive response from the hard rock community all over the World, Alexx Michael and B.C. decided they would record another album. Back in Germany they were writing new tracks and rehearsing them by January 2000. This time was decided that the album would be produced at Keri Kelli's studio in Orange County, California.
Gene Simmons & Tommy Thayer of KISS wrote the song "American Man" for the album which was recorded with Stevie Rachelle on Vocals.

The album titled Queen 4 a Day was recorded in March 2000 and featured a total of thirteen songs.

The album was released in Europe via MTM Music, they did a tour of Germany and the Netherlands in promotion of it. Bruce Kulick joined the band on tour and performed some tracks live with them.
By the time it came to recording the third album Splashed in 2002, the band made a conscious decision to keep the line-up more concentrated so that people could focus more on the songs that who was playing what. It featured 11 tracks and bonus DVD material of their 2000 tour and a promotional video for the track "Don't Hesitate". The Cover artwork of Splashed featured Super Model Amber Smith who was voted “One of the Sexiest Women in the World” by Maxim Magazine, Amber Smith has graced the covers of over 300 magazines worldwide, including Playboy, Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and Maxim, with her initial fame concurrent with her appearances in two Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues.

The tracks were performed by Steve Summers, Alexx Michael, Keri Kelli, B.C., Mike Fasano and Stevie Rachelle. After a successful European tour in October 2003 and spring 2004, they released a live album from one of the United Kingdom dates, titled "Super Hardcore Show".

Shameless returned in April 2007 with the album titled Famous 4 Madness which was influenced by some of the crazy chicks that Alexx Michael was involved with. The eleven track album features Steve Summers as vocalist on most of the tracks, with appearances from Stevie Rachelle, Phil Lewis, Jani Lane and former Mötley Crüe front man John Corabi.
All guitars on Famous 4 Madness were recorded by B.C., Alice Cooper guitarist Keri Kelli and Michael Thomas. Drums featured include Todd Michael Burr, Kari Kane, Mike Fasano and Eric Singer. Alexx Michael as always played bass.
In support of the album, the band went on a 15 date European tour from April through May through the United Kingdom, Spain, Switzerland, Germany and Italy.

The Band continued with more tourings in 2009 & 2010 all over Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, France, Sweden.

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