Vicious Rock


Devilicious is a quartet from Gothenburg, Sweden. Mikael Jacobsson on guitar and vocals and Carl Paulsen on bass formed the band 2005. During 2006 their first EP ”The Haunt of Fear” was recorded at Spring-Studios and became a huge success both by their audience and the critics.

After an overwhelming year Svein Jensen at Grand Recordings recorded the second EP “Samsara”, which was the breakthrough... for the band. The EP was appointed to the EP of the month in 2008 by Close-Up Magazine. It was followed by a month-long tour in Germany and also cooperation with Jochen and Daredevil Records.

Various members passed through the years and in the autumn of 2009 Martin Olsson from Nevärlläjf (Progressive rock / Musea Records) on lead guitar and Stefan Jansson on the drums became a part of the final line-up.

A preproduction was recorded in late 2009 and the songwriting and finalizing of the upcoming full-length album ”The Asylum Gospels” began...

The debut album ”The Asylum Gospels” was recorded at Grand Recordins by Svein Jensen and will be released on the 20th of May 2011 in cooperation with Rambo Music, Deadtree Music and Daredevil Records.

Devilicious has mixed old virtues with a modern sound and production and in that way they have created a mix of metal and stoner rock. The sturdy vocals of Mikael Jacobsson moves in an insisting way on top of a collage of guitar melodys, syncopated drums, thick bass and a tight stoner groove.

The many musical changes, captivating riffs with force-filled vocals makes one long to hear their songs over and over again. The music of Devilicious is characterized by an overwhelming amount of ease, creativity and straightforwardness above the usual.

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