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What is Casablanca?

5 distinct individuals sharing 1 vision. Each band member comes from their own established place in Swedish pop culture/ rock music noteriety, collaborating with one another to record songs that not only reflect the best influences of their personal record collections, but create music that fills a much needed void for todays 'Apocalyptic Youth'.

So, who’s in the band?

Josephine Forsman is the charismatic drummer from Sahara Hotnights. Everybody who sees her play live wants to start a band with her. Casablanca did just that.

Guitarist Erik Stenemo from Melody Club is one of the initiators and also the zealously careful member who makes sure that the band doesn’t compromise or apologize.

The glamorous lead singer Anders Ljung is the man behind the critically acclaimed band Space Age Baby Jane. He’s also someone who people on Stockholm’s club scene turn around to look at in fascination.

American transplant & now Sweden based guitarist Ryan Roxie, from Roxie 77, was Alice Cooper’s lead guitarist for more than ten years. His confidence and swagger guarantees that the band ditches Swedish “Jante Law” and modesty.

The bass player Mats Rubarth played for AIK (the most penalized player ever,since 1924 in the premier division of the Swedish football league). He and Anders are Casablanca’s main songwriters.

Collectively they have put together the band that they themselves would like to see.

For almost two years the band has been rehearsing and writing songs in secret. They have been recording with personalities such as Kleerup (who has co-written songs on the album) as well as current producer Chris Laney.

This band is only be labeled 'Classic Rock' in the sense that loud guitars drive the songs, hypnotic and melodic choruses remain in your head, and the steady beat of a powerful rhythm section beckons your body to move, shimmy, and shake.

Funny to think that something 'Classic' is something 'New'....and that this something 'New' is destined to someday be deemed a 'Classic'.....
Casablanca är nu aktuella med nya skivan ”Riding a black swan”. Stockholmsbandet består utav medlemmarna Anders Ljung (Space Age Baby Jane) sång, Ryan Roxie (Alice Cooper) gitarr, Erik Stenemo (Melody Club) gitarr, Josephine Forsman (Sahara Hotnights) trummor och Mats Rubarth (f.d. AIK) på bas. Bandet släppte debutalbumet ”Apocalyptic Youth” 2012 som gick in etta på hårdrockslistan i Sverige. Skivan och bandet hyllades runt om i världen och Classic Rock Magazine (UK) nominerade bandet som 2012 års bästa nya rockband i världen!
De har hunnit med att vara support till KISS och i sommar kommer de spela på festivaler för att sedan ge sig ut på turné i höst.
Månd-Tisd Stängt Onsd-Torsd 21-02 Fred-Lörd 17-02 Söndag Stängt Åldersgräns: 18 år Välkomna!
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