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Patrik Larsson – Screams
Dennis Warelius – Guitar, Clean Vocals
Christoffer Apell – Guitar
Carl Williams – Bass
William Turner – Drums

Solitude is a Hardcore/Metal band from Värnamo, Sweden. The band was founded 2006 and since then they’ve been playing all across Sweden. In April 2009 they got in touch with the producer Henrik Udd at the famous Studio Fredman, where bands such as In Flames, The Haunted and At The Gates developed and put the ”Gothenburg sound” on the map. The co-operation has resulted in a 4 track EP by the name ”The Revival” and the last addition, their debut album ”Tied To The Anchor” released in 2012.

The songs Ricochet, Last Division, Under Fading Skies & All Eyes On Me have been played on numerous of well-known rock clubs across Sweden. The single Ricochet from the album ”Tied To The Anchor” was highlighted in the Swedish music magazine GAFFA, Slitz and the Swedish metal site It has also been played on Sweden’s biggest rock/metal radio channel, Bandit Rock. The musicvideo for the track ”Under Fading Skies” is directed by the talented Kristofer ”Kiggs” Carlsson and recently reached over 26 000 views on YouTube. “Tied To The Anchor” has been reviewed and mentioned on various music forums across the world and the album got 10/10 in a review by the Swedish metal site Solitude released their new single “This Is The End – Remake” on the 19th of September 2012. The single took the first place in no time amongst their songs on Spotify and it has also been played on Swedish Radio.

October 21st 2013 Solitude will release the new Ep “A World Inside My Mind” containing 5 new tracks, recorded and mastered by Henrik Udd at Studio Fredman

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