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Degreed is a Stockholm based Melodic Hardrock band formed in the beginning of 2005.
After many years of playing, gaining credabillity and fans the band released their critically acclaimed debut album ”life,love,loss” in the fall of 2010 through Melodic Rock Records (Europe/USA) and Spinning INC (Japan).
”Treat and H.E.A.T are not alone my dear friends, if the opening track 'B.O.D' or the excellen...t 'Captured by the Moment' wont get you knocked out, I dont know what will!” - Kaj Roth, (Oct. 2010)

"life,love,loss" will now be released as a limited edition with one bonus track on Rambo/Sony the 14th of September in Sweden and will be avalible for order on our webshop!

Before degreed even released their first album they managed to tour Scandinavia and Germany, getting sponsored by legendary brands like Hagström and T-Rex, share stage with greats like Europe, Turbonegro, Millencolin among others and represent Musik Meyer on the largest public music fair in the world back in 2007.
”..if these are the bands other labels are passing on i suggest they need better A&R guys. 'Life,Love,Loss' is not the sort of album anyone should overlook.”
It took 5 years of hard work to even get noticed and a bunch of shameful proposals to get where they are today but these 5 guys know how hard you have to work to get what you want and they just wont stop until they get just that, what they want.

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