Vicious Rock




The Swedish Hardrockers with one succesfull debut album are hungry for more!


Patte Carlsson – Vocals and guitars

Dennis Forsberg – Bass and backing vocals

Reine Dahlstrom – Deums and Backing vocals


E.L.T Records, Birmingham, UK

Fretless started as a solo project by Patte. He wrote and recorded some of the songs which finally ended

up on their album Local Heroes. He sent the demos to different labels and one in Sweden did find this very

interesting and was willing to sign him for a record deal. They demanded him to start up a 'real' band so

he called two of his friends and Fretless was born.

All this happend in 2009. Fretless did not continue with the Swedish label because it did not feel right.

Right from the start there was a great response when the trio played live and they created quite a buzz on

the local circuit. In 2010 they started recording their album "Local Heroes", which they mastered at the

well known studio, Bohus Sound, near their native Gothenburg.

Many labels showed an interest in the album, but they decided to work together with

ELT Records

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