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The Bjorn

The Bjorn

No rules, no excuses. No restrictions.
Nothing seems impossible for The Bjorn, who released their debut album this spring.

Their previous release, the yearling EP, attracted enough interest to open the main doors, both literally and in the mind. Clear interest from the business elite in Sweden created the motivation and opportunity, and a massive response from the audience gave the inspiration and t...he desire to climb further.

But instead of making the simple choice band took a different path than the obvious. They chose to break away from the peloton, which makes Gothenburg the hard rock stronghold in Sweden, and found their way to Stockholm to find their sound. Through a partnership with Ollie Olson (Robyn, Teddybears STHLM, Lady Sovereign, Håkan Hellström), the band took a few trips to the Cosmos Studios and the Cutting Room for recording, mixing and mastering of the disc. They chose to work with people who are not normally associated with this part of the music industry. They wanted to build something from scratch.

The result speaks for itself. It's heavy, it's organic and it's big! They exploit every angle, each opening and each frequency. Each song is a trip for themselves while the album is a natural series, both musically and lyrically. There is a huge range and it is credible. They save not pull any punches and they are not afraid to push the boundaries. "2011" is the album you've been waiting for and it's available on iTunes, Spotify, and your favorite online record store.

The Bjorn is a band that sees the opportunity, take chances and push the limits of what is possible to achieve. The train is rolling and you do not want to remain on the platform.

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