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We Sell The Dead


We Sell The Dead släpper sitt nya album BLACK SLEEP fredag 21/2 och detta skall givetvis firas med tillhörande releasegig runt landet! Välkomna till en blytung kväll på Backstage!

We Sell The Dead: We Sell the Dead started in 2016 as an idea from In Flames and Engel guitarist Niclas Engelin to write a different kind of music than he was used to from those two bands. Niclas had already been working with bass guitar player and singer Jonas Slättung in the band Drömriket, and the two had been friends since childhood, playing in and out of bands together since way back. Jonas wrote the lyrics and the melodies to Niclas’ heavy riffs. Together, they started the process of what was to become We Sell The Dead’s first album, Heaven Doesn’t Want You And Hell Is Full.

Their old friend Apollo Papathanasio, the frontman for Firewind and Spiritual Beggars among others, was the only choice for lead singer, as he possesses one of the best voices in Sweden. He brought class and power to the band.

On the first album, the drummer’s seat was filled with the majestic Gas Lipstick, former member of HIM. When it was clear to all that the pressing schedules and geographical distances (Gas lives in Finland) was too great an obstacle to overcome, Gas unfortunately had to be replaced.

Enter Oscar Nilsson, drummer in the band Engel, and owner and producer of Crehate Studios, the studio where WSTD had recorded their first album. Oscar, hailing from the north of Sweden and with a steady and cool approach to drumming, was the natural choice as Gas’ replacement. Finally, Petter Olsson, who played keyboards on the first album, was asked to join We Sell the Dead as a full time member – an honour he quickly accepted. With Moogs, Hammonds and a virtuoso piano playing Petter rounds up the band perfectly.

Månd-Tisd Stängt Onsd-Torsd 20-02 Fred-Lörd 17-02 Söndag 21-02 Åldersgräns: 18 år Välkomna!
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