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Liv Sin

Liv Sin

This is the new heavy metal sensation from Sweden - Liv Sin. The band was formed in mid-2016 and they released their debut album "Follow Me" in May 2017. Led by the charismatic singer Liv Jagrell (ex-Sister Sin) the band now aims to conquer the world.


After 13 years of touring, supporting bands like Slayer, King Diamond, Motörhead, Doro and U.D.O. - gathering a major fan following - Swedish metallers Sister Sin called it quits in 2015.

In 2016 singer Liv Jagrell let the world know that she had formed a new band - Liv Sin. With a heavier sound, driven by furious guitar riffs, the band released their debut album "Follow Me" in 2017.

The quintet followed up the release with immense touring during the festival summer and the fall. The band is now planning the next step in order to continue on their journey on becoming the next heavy metal sensation.

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