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Absolva is an explosive 4 piece British metal band, formed in Manchester, England, in May 2012, & featuring members of Blaze Bayley (Iron Maiden) & Iced Earth..

Chris Appleton : lead vocals & lead guitar (Blaze Bayley / Fury UK)
Luke Appleton : rhythm guitar & backing vocals (Iced Earth / Fury UK)
Martin McNee : drums (Blaze Bayley / Fury UK)
Karl Schramm : bass & backing vocals (Blaze Bayley)

The band followed in the footsteps of Fury UK of which Chris, Martin & Luke were the 3 members until Luke joined US-based heavy metallers Iced Earth in 2012.

Absolva has released 4 studio albums & one live album/DVD..

Flames of Justice (5th November 2012)
Beyond Live (30th September 2013)
Anthems to the Dead (5th May 2014)
Never a Good Day to Die (12th October 2015)
Defiance (28th July 2017)

Recent press quotes..

'a dominant force to be reckoned with in the British heavy metal scene'
Uber Rock

'huge performances, a mix that nails it to your cerebellum, & Absolva's trademark craft of irresistible construction'

'define the classic & traditional sound of heavy metal from the UK'
Metal Gods TV

'if the Oxford English dictionary had a single word to describe contemporary classic metal it would be listed as Absolva'
Mayfair Mall Zine

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