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The year 2012 heralds the start of a new chapter in the ever evolving ENGEL saga with the launch of their third and most epic new offering so far: “Blood of Saints”.
Once again legendary producer Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Hatesphere, Dark Tranquillity) has been called upon to continue developing the sound and style that defines ENGEL as well as famed Gothenburg studio engineer Arnold Lindberg from ...
Sound Industries to ensure that “Blood of Saints” will become one of the most eagerly awaited releases of this year.
ENGEL’s much anticipated third album marks the triumphant return of Gothenburg’s illustrious group after a very successful year in 2011, which culminated in highly successful tours spanning from the heart of Europe to the distant shores of the Far East alongside artists like PAIN and ARCH ENEMY. With the latter ENGEL will return to share stage during April 2012 in Japan to mark the beginning of a new exciting era in the band’s career.
ENGEL emerged on to the world stage with the release of the critically acclaimed “Absolute Design” (2007) debut full-length, which displayed their unique, melodic rhythms and progressive beats combined with chilling twin guitar harmonies and powerful, impassioned vocals setting a new standard in modern melodic death metal derived from the highly praised Gothenburg Sound.
After three years of hard work and dedication, ENGEL‘s eagerly awaited second album “Threnody” was finally released in 2010. Gathering the very best elements of death, electronic, thrash and progressive metal and adding an incredible sense of melodic balance, the iconic “Threnody” proved to be a culmination of hard work and unmatched musicianship, packed with crushing riffs, furious solos, catchy melodies, stylish harmonies, aggressive yet emotional vocal-lines and intelligent lyrics far removed from the general metal clichés.
ENGEL‘s first single release “Sense The Fire” (2011) earned the band their first Gold award aided by Bandit Rock Radio and also managed to remain in the top 5 radio play list for almost five months as well as continued chart, television and radio success for the following singles “To The End” and “Six Feet Deep”.
Confronted with high expectations and certainly a force to be reckoned with in their own right, ENGEL have established themselves as one of the most stunningly impressive and stylish live acts in their genre. Now it’s time to unleash the true potential of this Swedish elite group and with the soon to be released “Blood Of Saints” ENGEL will not disappoint with their third masterpiece. Expect only the best for things to come in future...
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