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Ghost Avenue

Ghost Avenue

Ghost Avenue is mainly influenced by the golden era of the 80's hard rock and heavy metal. Melodic, hard and heavy! Killer riffs, twin guitars, awesome bass, bitching drums, kick ass vocals and catchy choruses.


Kim Izzy Sandvik (lead vocals), André Berger (guitar/backing vocals), Magnus Liseter (bass), Petter Chris. Lein (drums), Thomas Eljarbø (guitar).

2002 - Under the name Ghost, the band is formed by Kim and Øystein in a basement at Nesodden. Asbjørn Wiik joins on bass.
2004 - Petter joins on drums.
2005 - The band records a 4-track demo called "Time will tell".
2006 - Asbjørn quits, and in comes Magnus to take his place on the bass.
2008 - March, André joins as second guitarplayer.
2009 - March, Recording the EP "Days under cover" at Nye Losjen Studio, Kolbotn.
2010 - May 15. Debut album "The Engraving" released at the support gig for JORN. Recorded feb-march the same year at Nye Losjen Studio.
2012 - May. Second album beeing recorded at Sparkle Sound Studios.
2013 - Aug. The band change its name to Ghost Avenue and sign a record contract with Pitch Black Records.
2013 - Oct. 8. The s/t album "Ghost Avenue" released worldwide. Great reviews and feedback from all over the world.
2014 - Dec. 7. Supporting Anvil at Vulkan Arena (Pokalen) in Oslo.
2016 - Feb-May. Recordings for the third full length album at Lionheart Studios in Oslo.
2016 - June. The third album is mixed and mastered.
2016 - July. Øystein leaves for a year, and in comes Thomas Eljarbø to take his place.
2016/2017 - A winter release for the third album is planned.

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