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Hard Buds

Hard Buds

Pure Hard Rock band, blasting stages since 2010.

After being winners/finalists in some regional contests, we are on our new tour THUNDERSTOURM (2016) with new gigs and a powerful new show, presents the new band's album THUNDERSTORM.

More dates added soon! You want us to come to your city? PM us on facebook or send an email to:

HARD BUDS, a pure classic hard rock band, born in Girona in 2010 with a single philosophy: enjoy the music and make the audience feel that same passion. A project designed and based on the live concerts. A band with distorted guitars and catchy melodies like hymns, to join band and audience in one essence, in one voice.

2011 was the year of consolidation of the band. The combination of the personal and musical connection made were crowned as winners and semifinalists in some music festivals and contests. Was the prelude to recording their first studio work: PLAY OR DIE, in 2012, continuing its success and increasing its number of performances and followers.

That success prompted Hard Buds during 2013, 2014 and 2015 to open new frontiers, leading them to present their work in new locations and making over one hundred performances throughout Catalonia and other parts of the Spanish and French geography like Madrid, Bilbao, Oviedo, Salamanca, Burgos, Zaragoza, Valencia, Monzon, Perpignan or Marseille; and share the stage with some international bands like Bonafide (SWE), Sister Sin (SWE), Thundermother (SWE), The Maddigans (CAN), Blind Architect (FIN) or Dobermann (ITA) and also with legendary bands of the spanish scene as Baron Rojo.

Currently the band is breaking through in the music scene, concert after concert, presenting his second studio: THUNDERSTORM.
This second disc of the band collects all this accumulated experience in those years of road and concerts.
His previous album, PLAY OR DIE (2012) was a declaration of purpose: play or die. And with that philosophy the band took the instruments and all kilometers were needed to bring their music to every possible corner is crossed.
All those hours in the van and on stage have matured the band and it shows in this second job, also self-produced. strength filled compositions that show their brands characteristics: direct and powerful hard rock.
Personal style and unapologetic openly shows clear influences of components, ranging from the biggest names in the seventies as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Motorhead ... to modern compositions Guns and Roses style or other current bands like Velvet Revolver, Bullet, Airbourne or Bonafide.
Bring all the meat on the grill every night, every concert and enjoy together with the public every second, up and down of the stage, it is the premise to move forward with this project.

Let's rock or die! Hell bless you all \m/

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