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Brides Of Destruction GBG

Brides Of Destruction GBG

Brides Of Destruction Göteborg was formed by London Legrand
( ex Brides Of Destruction formed by Nikki Sixx and La Guns)
and John "JB" Bergqvist ( Disregard)

A short time after the start they found Peter "Pan" Ottosson ( drums) and Rodolfo "Rude" Montenegro ( bass).

They started to write music and are now ready to get their heavy and dirty Rocknroll to the people!

A crazy show is promised and they will make you dance like you've never danced before!

Åldersgräns: 18 år Öppet Månd Stängt Tisd Stängt Onsd 21-02 Torsd 21-02 Fred 19-02 Lörd 19-02 Sönd 21-01 Välkomna!
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