Vicious Rock



Ost+Front!!! COMES TO YOU!!!
with hard riffs, impressive powerful electronic music with vicious sarky German lyrics and and sinister looks straight out of Hell. This German horde is going to concuss the whole German music industry.
OST+FRONT (whose Members play and played in Bands like Oomph!, Die Skeptiker, Blind Passengers,Schelmisch, Corvus Corax and Tanzwut) are not afraid to offend. They will polarize and go that little step too far that other bands are afraid of!! But it is not only pure provocation. They just say whatever they want and ask further questions where it really hurts. They celebrate this with brute guitar riffs, a voice even the thunder god himself would be frightened of and massive electronic sounds with catchy song character.
OST+FRONT‘s debut album,AVE MARIA, straightaway ended up in the Media Control Charts. On their first Tour they were frenetically celebrated all over the World. OST+FRONT live isn‘t only a simple concert, it´s like a spectacular happening between doomsday and splatter movie and a ride through hell. Now OST+FRONT is presenting their second Album “OLYMPIA”, which charted on Place 25 in the Media Control
Charts,and they are ready to rock the Stages all over the World.“OLYMPIA” is more controversial, powerful and electric and to that effect the new live show will be most impressive! It´s an event you do not want to miss if you like hard, handmade German Rock Music!


Ost+Front are:
Herrmann Ostfront - Voice
Gernhardt von Brüh - Guitar
Siegfried Helm - Guitar
Wilhelm Rotlauf - Bass
Eva Edelweiß - Key & Percussion
Fritz Knacker - Drums

Månd-Tisd Stängt Onsd-Torsd 20-02 Fred-Lörd 17-02 Söndag 21-02 Åldersgräns: 18 år Välkomna!
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