Vicious Rock



The beginning
The career of this metal band Imber from Sweden started in early 2009. It all started with the drummer Lea Ceder asking herself why there were so few female metal bands in the world, and why those that existed didn’t really could be compared with bands consisting of only guys.

She tried for years finding musicians who measured up to her level and the level of the band she wanted to create. After trying out over 40 guitarists, singers and bass players Lea realized the importance of this bands existence, the world needed it. After a few members coming and going the band is now complete with it's current line up.
Lea ran into the metal guitarist Madde Ceder through recommendations, the two found each other instantly and started to write music. With Madde’s death metal roots and Leas grunge influences the sound of the songs became a mix between brutal riffs, groove and flying melodies. My Andersson on vocals and growls, and Lisette Leskinen on guitar added yet another flavour to the music. As for now the bass player gig is vacant.

During all this time Imber played in national television as well as the biggest metal festivals in Sweden and the music industry had noticed the presence of this brutal all girl band. Things started to happen and they released their debut EP "The Breaking Point" together with song writer and producer Per Aldeheim, on September 22, 2012.
Imber has built a reputation as a strong and brutal live band by touring Sweden and Europe, and now the only way is up!
Their latest release, the single "Typical Illusion", hit the world on July 1st, 2014.

On June 11th the 5 song EP "The Black Swan Theory" was released.

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