Vicious Rock

Suicide Bombers

Suicide Bombers

…from the future, 4 intergalactic superstars were sent back through time, on a mission from the lightning gods, to single handedly kick life back into the bleeding corpse of rock’n’roll.

Collectively they are known as the SUiCiDE BOMBERS.

Individually they are:

Chris Damien Doll (Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar) – The Sleaze Fuhrer;
A megalomaniac visionary and bulletproof S-S-Star. So resilient to outside interference that he’s been proven impossible to successfully clone. A criminal mastermind presented with the choice between leading this mission or 666 million years in a maximum security twilight zone.

Lazy Leather (Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals) - The Sex-Gunslinger;
A supersonic wave controller, so intense and mesmerizing that female species, all across the universe, fight to get closest to the stage when his magic fingers grace the fretboard. The high frequency designer of the technicolored revolution, with an eye for all the dirty details in any sordid affair.

C. Slim (Bass and Backing Vocals) - The Thunder Mechanic;
A rocket powered grease-godzilla! Half man, half machine ...and all rock'n'roll! His right hand thunders like ten thousand metronomes playing at once, while his crystal sheen harmonies channel the cybernetic angels of the dream-porn quire. The 4-string equivalent of Apocalypse Now!

T-Bone (Drums) - The Outlaw Groover;
A savage rock’n’roll beast. His nuclear powered beats, like the sound of distant galaxies colliding, are always delivered with immaculate precision and have been used to demolish thousands of planets. A dangerous renegade banned from several solar systems on the account of sheer decibel.

Armed with razor sharp determination and a 12-track manifesto, CRiMiNAL RECORD, these ultimate life-forms are set to take on the world!

History is about to begin!

...over and motherfucking out!

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