Vicious Rock



AFTER OVER 10 YEARS of the members in Broadcast being active in the music scene in various different projects, it wasn't until Walking with strangers went on a hiautus (in the spring of 2013) that Pontus, Christian & Tobiasz finally started to work on the first songs for Broadcast's debut EP "Guidelines".

As everything started to come togheter it didn't take long before the band started seeing interest from the industry, signing with Sharkbait Booking & Management as a booking label, and Snapping Fingers Snapping Necks as record label.

THE FIRST SINGLE and video was released in august and was followed by doing shows with The plot in you & Heart in hand in both Europe & Scandinavia.

With the debut EP about to be released, it's already apparent that Broadcast is here to make a quick and hard mark for a new era of melodic hardcore that heritage from the west coast of Sweden.

Boradcast is currently booking shows all over Europe & Scandinavia. For more info contact

The debut EP Guidelines is out November 11, 2013.

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