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The Last Band

The Last Band

THE LAST BAND from Gothenburg play aggressive high class, white trash, steamroller rock 'n' roll. They started making noise around the city at the beginning of 2011 and the word spread fast! In 2012 the "Mean Machine" EP was released and by this time the band had been rocking out many venues around Sweden building an interest from both fans and critics. THE LAST BAND always bring an explosive live show, putting blood, sweat and tears into connecting with the crowd. High energy on stage and powerful songs has earned them the reputation of a damn good live act!

The band released a two track single entitled “When the Devil Needs a Ride” in 2013 and teamed up with the excellent producer Henryk Lipp. The songs are produced and recorded in the legendary studio Music-a-Matic (Soundtrack of Our Lives, Sahara Hotnights, Sator, Union Carbide Productions etc.). The music is well written, well produced and shows a hard working band that are constantly improving. Catchy riffs, hooky choruses and an energetic live show make this heavy rock n roll band very interesting.

In late December of 2013, THE LAST BAND entered Music-a-Matic Studio with Henryk Lipp once again, this time to record 4 new songs. The new material picks up where the band left off, explosive and catchy rock n roll songs, fueled with a punk attitude in the veins of early The Bronx, Turbonegro and Motörhead. Lyrically the band talks about bad habits, decadence, mistakes, – but also about love and hope – and the heartache and disappointment that come with it. Life.

THE LAST BAND opened Sweden’s biggest rock festival Sweden Rock Festival (KISS, Rush, Europe, Accept and many more) in the summer of 2013 and received great feedback from both fans and critics. Next festival in line was Metal Town Festival in early July with bands such as Graveyard, Hardcore Superstar, Motörhead, Turbonegro and many more.
Again, THE LAST BAND delivered...

2 out of 4 songs that was recorded in studio Music-A-Matic together with Henryk Lipp in January will be realesed in April together with a music video to one of the songs, "Alcoholic Wastecult". The video will be released on April 17th.

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