Vicious Rock



Swedens biggest hope of the pure drunken swedish punkscene is at last back with a new album. The topic is just as always, drinking and drinking again. Not a band known for their opinions but rather a band known for their legendary secret bandmembers and silly outfits live they are still a must for all fans of swedish punk. Musicwise they have actually they slowed down their music a bit (Got a hinc...h of Delerium perhaps), but still got their catchy, and perhaps a bit more melodic and "nicer" actually, stupid tunes that is a classic when you have a Falcon 2,8% in your hand and drinking in a park a warm summernight.

Some remakes of old "classics" (Like their best song ever: "Vi Dricker öl") can also be found aswell as some bran new tracks like "Heroin". Well what else to say, this is probably the only swedish "trallband" left to pay attention to, and the only one of them left with a great glimpse in their eye basing the whole band more on having fun (and drinking beer) then anything else. Folköl to the people!

Formed around 89 and now years later we are still kicking ass 24/7. We have always relesed our music for free on the internet, first relese on internet was 1997.

Månd-Tisd Stängt Onsd-Torsd 20-02 Fred-Lörd 17-02 Söndag 21-02 Åldersgräns: 18 år Välkomna!
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