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During the last ten years FATAL SMILE has built a strong and solid reputation internationally and achieved great success with their 2nd album "Neo Natural Freaks", mixed by Stefan Glaumann (Rammstein, Backyard Babies..).

The first single from the album "Learn, Love, Hate" landed heavy rotation on rock radio worldwide and was top three for ten weeks on national radio. The band toured massively in Europe and led them all the way to Japan.

The guitar player & founder MR. Y changed the complete line up in 2007 and recorded their much awaited album "World Domination" that was released in 2008. The mixing duties was handled by the legendary Michael Wagener, famous for his work with Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Mötley Crüe, Skid Row just to name a few...

The album did great thanks to fantastic reviews in press and media all over the world, which led to massive exposure of the videos for the singles "S.O.B." and "Run For Your Life" in USA and Europe. "World Domination" was listed top ten in the largest magazines of the main target countries. It was also nominated for awards such as "Album Of The Year" at the Swedish Metal Awards, Sweden´s largest rock magazine "Sweden Rock Magazine" listed it as "Album Of The Month" just before In Flames...

The band was invited to play festivals all over Europe and toured with a bombastic live show filled with pyro effects, smoke and fire!

Since the release of "World Domination" FATAL SMILE did more than 350 shows worldwide, ... including tours with Dio - W.A.S.P. - Queensryche - Lordi - Doro - Winger and played festivals like Sweden Rock Festival, Wacken, Hard Rock Hell, Long'I'Rock, Rockalies and Rock Weekend just to name a few

These years 2008-2011 will be remembered as "the mayhem years" in the bands history.

But between houses burning down, band members in jail and in rehab for drug addiction (and in one case sex addiction), TV´s thrown out from hotels, rape accusations, banned from Radio, bar fights and alcohol related car crashes...

The band still managed writing and recording songs in tour buses, hotel rooms and studios all over the world . And they always made it back in one piece and with only one (1) cancellation throughout the years(Alx fell off the stage in Copenhagen, shattering his knee. It now consists of more surgical steel and titan than bone).

From these recordings, eleven songs were singled out and re-recorded during 2011.

Ten top names tried out for the mixing job, all mixing the song planned as the second single of the album. The band put together a jury of fans & friends to pick out their favorite mix, which turned out to be mix no. 5. Not knowing it was mixed by Philty and MR.Y...

This time they have done everything on their own to make it the ultimate FATAL SMILE album, from recording and engineering to producing and mixing the album and the result is massive, with "in your face" songs and a "larger than life" sound!!!

The album is produced by MR. Y and engineered/recorded by Philty and mixed by the pair together.

The mastering was handled by Mats "Limpan" Lindfors at Cutting Room Studios.

The first single & video for "Welcome To The Freakshow" will be released in April and the album will see the light of day in Europe on May 7.

Forget what you think you know about hard rock. Whatever you think you know is redundant. FATAL SMILE have made it so. Influenced by the sounds they grew up with but not dictated to by them, theirs is a sound that takes rock in new directions whilst always having one eye on home. Comforting yet exciting, dangerous yet strangely familiar. Not afraid to bend the rules of the game should the need arise, one day all bands will be made in this image.

So, let the Freakshow begin...

Said about FATAL SMILE:

“FATAL SMILE” is a kick ass band but I would never tour with them again!”

Blackie Lawless- W.A.S.P. (W.A.S.P. toured five times with FATAL SMILE).

"FATAL SMILE is a old school band and these guys can actually play and love what they´re doing. I´m a big fan of their music and I´m totally convinced that this band will be the next "big thing" in the hard rock world!" Michael Wagener - Legendary producer famed for his work with Metallica, Ozzy, Mötley...

“They´re off the fucking tour! Get them out of here! Now!"

Rikk Scholvinck – Tour manager for Lordi.

"You guys are really pussy magnets and the craziest motherfuckers I´ve toured with..."

Danny Stanton - Tour manager for W.A.S.P.

“I don´t know what the hell these guys are on, they never stop!

They´re fucking crazy! They sure do know how to rock a crowd!”

Eddie Jackson -Queensryche

“You guys are the best opening band I´ve ever had!”

Ronnie James Dio -"The King Of Rock´n Roll", R.I.P."

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