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Slowgate combines the strength of death and thrash metal with the explosive anger of Swedish hardcore. Small pieces of both black metal and doom metal are also thrown into the creative grinder. The result is something new, fresh and devastating punch-in-the-face brutal. If you’re not afraid of the expression of humanity's violent failure, be sure to see the full force of Slowgate live!

 Originally formed in 1995 by guitarist Nick Johansson, formerly Manninya Blade and Hexenhause. This five piece thrash metal band with Chribba on vocals, Jerry Ruström on guitar, Nick Johansson on guitar, Jan Lindberg on bass and Kenneth Olofsson on drums recorded the demo tape “Sick and confused”. Later on Jerry quit and was replaced by Thomas Kraus and they did the full length albums ”Force of the unknown and ”Nordic Rage” for GMR Extremity records. After a period of small gigs and no real commercial success the band was in a state of ”to be or not to be”. Kenneth quit and was replaced with Erik Forsgren and after a few rehearsals with no real interest they decided to take a break. During the break Chribba and Jan left the band and Nick took some time off to concentrate on the eventual comeback of Manninya Blade.

Thomas and Erik continued to play together and decided that this wasn't going to be the end of Slowgate.
Nick returned his focus to Slowgate again and with a newborn enthusiasm they restarted the band. Now much was changed, the sound, the attitude, almost everything but the name. They also needed two new members. After many auditions the line-up except Nick, Thomas and Erik was Johan Hedlund on vocals and Peter Uvén on bass, each one with very different musical background. With great confidence Slowgate now focus to convince the live audience.  They went back into the studio to record the demo tape ”The descent” which was well received by Swedish media. Late 2009 work on the full length album “Day of wrath” started.

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