Vicious Rock


Twenty years after the release of 'Bezerk' - an album that defined the whole turn-of-the-decade glam metal zeitgeist - Tigertailz roll on to new and fairer horizons. Greater challenges met head-on by bigger riffs, sharper solos, melt-yer-brain vocals and hooks heavy and dark enough to reel in not only 'Jaws' but all the sequels too.

Tigertailz may already have the distinction of being the only UK...
band to share in some of the success of the hairspray heavies of the day - Mötley Crüe, L.A Guns, WASP etc - but they only achieved it by being unique, by not following others and by doing it their way. Extremity in everything - in music, in image, in art, in life...

In 2005, with the music scene beginning to look something like fun again, the core members of Tigertailz reunited. As record companies hurried to re-release their older material, the band prepared their comeback album 'Bezerk 2.0'. They were back, on the big stages all over Europe, supporting the likes of Crüe, Whitesnake and Velvet Revolver. Even better was to come, on the back of the fantastic 'Thrill Pistol', the heaviest album the band have made, and a true indicator of their current direction - British metal, twisted up with street punk and savagely singable melodies.

Regrettably, 2007 was to be remembered for the passing of bassist and co-founder Pepsi Tate, a terrible blow that almost forced the band to quit. After much soul-searching, it was decided to bite back, continuing to keep alive the great tradition that Tate had been such a powerful exponent of. In 2010, the band prepared for the next phase in their rollercoaster story - the 20-year celebration of 'Bezerk', a live CD, two festival headline slots (including the UK's Hard Rock Hell), and...the first steps toward some long-awaited all-new Tigertailz music.

With a rejuvenated and enthralling new line-up hitting the news in 2012, the road rolls on for the new look and revitalised Tigertailz. From a band that has survived challenges so bizarre that most wouldn't even believe it, expect blow-your-mind live performances, some new generation Tigertailz music to rally the clans, and a resurgence to make fans young and old proud of this classic Welsh metal band. The best advice right now is to brace yourselves...
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