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I am hunger

I am hunger

WHERE A LOT OF HEAVY MUSIC TODAY HAS BECOME neat, choreographed and soulless, I Am Hunger steps forward as the complete opposite: intense, energetic and extremely honest. The band has barely been around for two years, but their unrestrained passion and aggressiveness have already made them one of the most interesting bands in Sweden right now.

EVEN THOUGH CRITICS HAVE FELT OBLIGED TO MAKE references to Refused, even describing frontman Fredrik as a young Henry Rollins on stage, the band remains very humble towards those supposed similarities. The hardcore approach does have an impact on everything I Am Hunger does, but they really consider themselves more of a metal band at the end of they day.

WHEN MASSIVE SWEDISH MAGAZINE SLITZ announced the 100 best heavy bands in Sweden right now, I Am Hunger was placed among the top 10, together with widely established acts such as In Flames, Raised Fist and The Haunted.

THE DEBUT ALBUM “ODIUM” contains 12 tracks of pure blood, sweat and tears. In stores in Scandinavia, and digitally released worldwide, October 26 2011.

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